About Lake Ohrid and its connection to Studenchishte Marsh

Lake Ohrid, a European Galapagos and scene to millions of years of unique evolutionary history as recognized and protected by UNESCO, is under existential threat. Investors, who see the lake as an opportunity to make short-term profits at the expense of an unreplaceable wonderland of biodiversity, plan to construct a tourism complex on an integral marsh region named Studenchishta, one of the last wetland habitats in Macedonia and a life-support system for the ancient lake’s myriad creatures.

All lakes are important, but Ohrid is not just any lake. It is a finely tuned spectacular of Darwinian choreography rich in species that exist nowhere else on Earth. While sedimentation dooms most lakes to a lifespan of several thousands of years, the specific geological conditions that formed Lake Ohrid have allowed its continuous survival for up to five million. In other words, an evolutionary process impossible under normal circumstances is happening right this second in those beautiful waters.

Studenchishta Marsh is part of the biological superstructure that keeps Lake Ohrid healthy. Its relationship to the lake is like that of a vital organ to the human body—the two are mutually inseparable. Concreting over this marsh would be the equivalent of turning a person’s heart to stone without their knowledge or consent. Ohrid SOS, the local organization responsible for this website, seeks to ensure that such a tragic fate will never befall Lake Ohrid, but it needs your support to fulfil its mission.

Please explore our website, join us, love our lake and marsh, and see what you can do to prevent an ecological meltdown.




3 responses to “About Lake Ohrid and its connection to Studenchishte Marsh

  1. Pochituvani, moeto ime e Nadezda Apostolova. profesor sum na Medicinski fakultet pri Univerzitetot vo Castellon, Shpanija. Sakam da bidam direkten i ajtiven uzhesnik vo ovaa inicijativa. Ohrid zasluzhuva da se borime za nego!!! Ve molam stapete vo kontakt so mene za podetalni razgovori.

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    • Надежда многу ви благодариме за поддршката. Секој ни е важен во оваа борба за последните парчиња природа во земјава. Оставете ни контакт податоци на нашиот маил ohridsos@gmail.com.


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