1 October 2017

Local elections are gripping the Republic of Macedonia right now and green issues are gradually moving to center stage, indicating a growing awareness that clean water, air, high-quality environments and other species are components of development, not bargaining chips for it.

That’s bad news for TUI Netherlands. Its failure to respond to Ohrid SOS communication about the illegal hotel to which it hopes to bring tourists has now extended to 12 weeks — not a good look now that people are waking up to how rogue construction is stealing away their most precious heritage. The warning signs for TUI are there.

Likewise, the amber light is steadily switching to red for ELEM, the Macedonian power company. Little by little, Lake Ohrid’s water level is dropping and ELEM is likely responsible. The situation hasn’t gone beyond legal parameters like it did earlier this year, but it’s not far off the point at which damage to the precious shallows can occur.

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