36 Views of Lake Ohrid

In celebration of Lake Day 2018, Ohrid SOS is compiling 36 Views of Lake Ohrid in the style of Japanese woodblock painting (ukiyo-e) and we’re asking Ohrid fans from everywhere to contribute.

36 Views of Ohrid is homage to world-renowned Japanese artist Hokusai,  who celebrated Japan’s most iconic mountain with an 1830s series of woodblock prints named 36 Views of Mount Fuji, which are now globally famous and have informed impressions of Japan for two centuries. We feel Lake Ohrid deserves the same treatment!

Fine Wind, Clear Morning
Fine Wind, Clear Morning by Hokusai

To select the 36 most representative scenes of the Lake Ohrid region, we’re inviting everybody to submit photos of different views and moods of the lake and surrounding area. Then, with the help of a little technology, we will convert those pictures into the Japanese woodblock style and present them on social media.

To participate, please by June 30th 2018 send your most emblematic photos of the Ohrid region to ohridsos@gmail.com, directly to our Facebook page, or publish them on Twitter under the hashtag #OhridUkiyoe. Feel free to suggest a title too. We will select 36 Views of Ohrid from the entrants.

Here are some examples to keep give you some idea of what your photos will look like in Japanese woodblock style…

Ukiyoe 3

Ukiyo e 6

Ukiyoe 6

Ohrid SOS reserves the right to copy, modify and republish (but not sell) all submitted photos. Photographer credits will be displayed at their request.

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