Ohrid SOS strongly supports the development of all businesses seeking to contribute to sustainable development in the UNESCO Ohrid region. It also seeks to help anybody either researching or educating others on the Republic of Macedonia’s superb nature and culture.

Therefore, all of the SOS-authored content on our website (with the exception of  photographs) is available free of charge to anybody who wishes to republish it either online or in print, provided that Ohrid SOS is credited, edit(s) do not distort the original meaning, and a link to our website is incorporated on any content republished electronically. We only request that, for commercial purposes, you contact us first to explain your intended use of our material.

Moreover, we do not sanction any individual or company to reuse Ohrid SOS content in any context that may lead directly or indirectly to the detrimental treatment of habitats, species and/or nature in general. In situations where we consider this to be the case, we will enforce our claim to copyright with appropriate legal measures.

Cover Pic: Kliment A.


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