Lake Ohrid, the largest and most significant natural lake in Macedonia, as well as the oldest lake in Europe, is the most important lentic ecosystem on the European continent. It is marked by a rich history, culture, archaeological finds and natural beauty, and it is the home of over 200 endemic species. Thanks to these exceptional features, in 1980, Lake Ohrid and the city of Ohrid were declared a World Cultural Heritage, protected by UNESCO.

The Galičica National Park, recognised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), is an extremely important region protected by law since 1958 in order to preserve the flora and the fauna, as well as the natural appearance of Mount Galičica. Thanks to the several hundred original rarities and the protected plant and animal species, the Park has been internationally recognised as an Important Plant Area, a Primary Butterfly Area, as well as an Emerald Site, meaning that, in the future, it will form part of the European Natura 2000 network. The extraordinary biodiversity and the international significance of the Galičica National Park was further validated in 2014, when it became part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Nevertheless, despite the enormous value of this world natural and cultural heritage, it is being endangered by projects planning to build an expressway, a large tourist ski complex, and an inappropriate and harmful urbanisation of a large portion of the lakeshore and the city of Ohrid. The proposed changes in the Galičica National Park Management Plan, the changes in the urban development plans of Ohrid, as well as certain urbanisation decisions made in order to allow the realisation of these projects, pose a serious threat to maintaining the biodiversity and natural authenticity of Lake Ohrid and the Galičica National Park and jeopardise their status of world heritage. The threat has even been confirmed by the reports of the Strategic Assessment of the Environmental Impact of these plans, in which over 80% of the conclusions state that the negative impact on biodiversity, the soil and the waters will be irreversible, that is, that no corrective measures will be possible.

Preserving the areas of high environmental value internationally recognised by UNESCO is crucial, and a priority of the Republic of Macedonia guaranteed by the Constitution. We firmly believe that as competent institutions you do not wish to partake in the degrading of this extremely important treasure, which is protected by UNESCO. We ask you to stop the proposed changes of the Galičica National Park Management Plan and the urban development plans of Ohrid, as well as certain urbanisation decisions, and withdraw from realising these projects.


Ljubaništa Local Community
Lagadin Urban Unit
Peštani Local Community
Rača Urban Unit
Dolno Konjsko Local Community
Daljan / Voska 4 Local Community
Saint Naum of Ohrid Monastery


Citizen’s Associations

Macedonian Limnological Society Ohrid
Ecological Society Grashnica Ohrid
ZRRSK Saint Aposol Pavle Ohrid
Alpinist club Patagonija Ohrid
Animal protection Association Animalia Ohrid
Ski Materhorn Ohrid
Ecological Society Ekolag Ohrid
Bike club Ekodrom Ohrid
Bike club Zsh Tocak Ohrid
Local Development Agency Struga
Animal and Environment Protection Association EDEN Skopje
DREN – Association of Students from Faculty of Forestry Skopje


Prof. dr. Trajce Talevski – JNU Hydrobiological Institute- Ohrid
Prof. dr. Marina Talevska – JNU Hydrobiological Institute- Ohrid
Doc. dr. Orhideja Tasevska – JNU Hydrobiological Institute- Ohrid
Dejan Panovski – Bilateral Secretariat
Estelle Lecomte, environment engineer – environment general direction (Vaud Switzerland) – lake and river management
Lods-Crozet Brigitte, Dr. es Sciences – Limnologist, Direction générale de l’environnement, Lausanne, Switzerland – DGE-protection des Eaux – Lausanne – Suisse
Sartori Michel, Dr. re.nat. , Director – Museum of zoology, Lausanne, Switzerland
Dr. Hubert Keckeis – University of Vienna, Department of Limnology & Bio-Oceanography
Dr. Peter Englmaier – University of Vienna, Austria
H.Wolfgang Riss, Univ.Doc. Dr. – University of Münster, Department of Limnology
Lars Tranvik, Professor – Limnology program, Uppsala University, Sweden
Göran Arnqvist, Professor – Uppsala University
Dr. Claus Rueffler – Uppsala University
Ingemar Ahlgren, Professor emeritus – Limnology, Uppsala University
Dr. Karin S.L. Johansson – University of Gothenburg
Dr. Tamar Zohary – Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research
Ulrika Stensdotter, PhD limnology – Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
Dirk Verschuren, Prof. Dr. – Head of Limnology Unit, Ghent University, Belgium
Mike Creutz, Limnology Ghent
Émilie Saulnier-Talbot, PhD, Paleolimnology
Dr. Zoran Nikoloski, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology
Dr. Stéphanie Arrivault, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology
Magali Condamines, Engineer in water resources management
Dr. Andrew Folkard – Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University (UK)
John Jones, Curators’ Professor – School of natural resources, University of Missouri, USA
Brij Gopal, Professor – Coordinator, Centre for Inland Waters in South Asia (, and Chairman, SIL Working Group on Inland Waters of Tropical Asia
Dr. Maurizio Polemio, CNR-IRPI
Silvio Andrea Garavoglia, Forestry engineer
Antonio Damiano, Geologist – GDP Consultants
Riccardo Torri, Geologist – Entrambi STA
Irena Zlatanovikj-Damchevska, MSc. Environmental Engineering- E3
Ljiljana Barlakoska Jovanoska, MSc. in Environmental Management
Borjana Arsova, PhD – Dpt of Life Sciences, Functional Genomics and Plant Molecular Imaging, University of Liege, Belgium
Emina Rustemoska, MA in EU law for enviromental protection
Toni Ristov, curator – Museum of Macedonia
Donka Bardjieva Trajkovska, PhD Art History – CENTER FOR CULTURAL HERITAGE, Skopje
Prof. Dr. Dana Dna Kolevska, Faculty of Forestry, Skopje, Macedonia
Nikolco Velkovski – Faculty of Forestry, Skopje, Macedonia
Prof. Biljana Miova, PhD – Faculty of Natural Sciences and mathematics, UKIM, Skopje
Prof. Dr. Ljupcho Melovski, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University St. Cyril and Methodius
Slavcho Hristovski, PhD, Assistant Professor – Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Institute of biology, Skopje
Biljana Garevska, M.Sci. in Biology – Macedonian Museum of Natural History
Dr. Metodija Velevski, Macedonian Museum of Natural History
Cori Schumacher, Social Justice Advocate and Activist
Natalija Melovska, Macedonian Ecological Society
Ivana Lozanovska, Macedonian Ecological Society
Prof. Aneta Hristova – Faculty of Architecture UKIM Skopje
Meri Batakoja, MSc, Research Assistant – Faculty of Architecture, UKIM, Skopje
Biljana Rimcheska, Msc. of Biology (Ecology)
Zlatko Simjanoski, MSc. Ecology – TIA
Alessia Monticone, MA underwater archeology
Marijan Laks, Environmental engineer – Farmahem
De Cort Gijs, PhD student – Ghent University, Belgium
CARLOS RIVERA, Ph.D. – Laboratory of Limnology, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Bert Van Bocxlaer, PostDoc evolutionary biologist & Ancient Lake specialist – Museum fuer Naturkunde Berlin, Ghent University, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Thijs Frenken, MSc. – Netherlands Institute of Ecology
Jack Delf – Western Balkans Geotourism Council (National Geographic)
Grossart, Hans-Peter, Prof. Dr. – Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Biology and Inland Fisheries
Dennis Hasselquist, Professor – Animal Ecology, Lund University, Sweden
Tobias Lenz, Dr. – Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology
Macdonald Wick, Associate Professor, Dpt. Animal Sciences – Ohio State University, USA
Tomislav Vladic, PhD, MSc – zoology/ethology, Stockholm University
Marianne V. Moore, Frost Professor in Environmental Science & Professor Department of Biological Sciences – Wellesley College
Lucy Crockford, Dr – Harper Adams University
Craig E. Williamson, PhD – Ohio Eminent Scholar of Ecosystem Ecology, Miami University
Donald Charles, Professor / Leader, Phycology Section – Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University
Andrea Lami, Senior researcher – CNR- Istituto per lo Studio degli Ecosistemi. Verbania
Anssi Vähätalo, Senior lecturer – University of Jyväskylä (Finland)
Tomasz Joniak, Dr – Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań, Faculty of Biology, Department of Water Protection
Sally MacIntyre, Professor – University of California at Santa Barbara
Nelson G. Hairston, Jr., Professor of Environmental Science – Cornell University
Stephen A. Wille, President – Oregon Lakes Association
Luigi Naselli-Flores, Prof. – University of Palermo
Ann Kristin Schartau, Senior scientist – Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
Kasprzak, Peter, Dr. – Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology & Inland Fisheries, Berlin, Department of Experimental Limnology, Müggelseedamm 310, Berlin, Germany
Jan Herrmann, associate professor – Linnaeus University, Sweden
Alfred Beeton, Professor – University of Michigan
Maurizio Siligardi, teacher in inland waters ecology – University of Trento
Mircea Nicoara, Professor Dr. – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania
Gianni Tartari, Director of research – Water Research Institute, National Research Council of Italy
William R Harding, Dr – DH Environmental
Markus Möst, Dr. – SNF postdoctoral fellow at the University of Cambridge
Timoshkin Oleg Anatolyevich, Professor, PhD, head of laboratory – Limnological Institute SD RAS, Irkutsk, Russia
Walter Geller, Prof. Dr. habil. – Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research, Dpt. Lake Research
Robert Schabetsberger, Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. – University of Salzburg
Leopold Füreder, Prof. Dr. – University of Innsbruck
Timothy P Moulton, Associate Professor – Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Thomas Horvath, PhD Aquatic Sciences – University Koblenz-Landau
Dr. Bruce A. Manny, Research Fishery Biologist (emeritus) – US Geological Survey
Dr. Peter Leavitt, Canada Research Chair in Environmental Change and Society – University of Regina
Adam Petrusek, assoc. prof. – Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
Luc De Meester, Professor – University of Leuven
Matthias Stoeck, Dr. – Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB)
Koen Sabbe, Prof Dr – Ghent University, Belgium
Sidinei M. Thomaz, Dr. – Universidade Estadual de Maringá
Sabine Flury, Dr. Sc. ETHZ – Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries – IGB
Avital Gasith, Prof. – Tel Aviv University
Markus Möst, Dr. – SNF postdoctoral fellow at the University of Cambridge
Gesa Weyhenmeyer, Prof of Aquatic Biogeochemistry – Dept. of Ecology and Genetics/Limnology, Uppsala University
María del Rosario Sánchez, PhD – FES Iztacala, UNAM. MEXICO
Gabriel Singer, Dr. – Leibniz-Institute for Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries Berlin (IGB)
Norbert Walz, Prof. Dr. – Leibniz Institute for Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries
Michele Burford, Prof – Griffith University
Giuseppe Morabito, Dr. – CNR – Institute for Ecosystem Study, Italy
Jens Nejstgaard, Dr. – Leibniz-Institut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei (IGB), Stechlin, Germany
Roland Psenner, Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. – University of Innsbruck
Elena Ilyashuk, Dr – University of Innsbruck
David A Culver, Professor Emeritus – Ohio State University
Koinig, Karin, Dr. – University of Innsbruck (Aquatic Research)
Carina Rofner, PhD-Student – Institute of Ecology, University of Innsbruck
Luc Denys, Dr. – INBO, Belgium
Eugen ROTT, Dr. – Botany Univ. Innsbruck Austria
Anders Klemetsen, Professor Emeritus – UiT Norwegian Arctic University
Ivan Jaric, PhD – Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Berlin, Germany
Per-Arne Amundsen, Professor – UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Albert Jagsch, Dr. – Federal Agency for Water Management
Odd Terje Sandlund, Forskningsleder/Research Director, Dr.philos. – Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
Professor Dr. Hiroya KAWANABE, Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University and Former Director General of Lake Biwa Museum; Former Chairperson of SIL Committee of Biodiversity and of DIVERSITAS Committee on Inland Waters, and Past President of the SIAL

DOKULIL Martin, Univ. Prof. Dr.
Bostjan Lipnik, dipl. org. man.,
Debbi Pedreschi, PhD
Sil Van de Velde, Graduate European Master in Tourism Management, MTM
Anu Kisand, Dr., Estonian University of Life Sciences
Peeter Nõges, Leading researcher, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Centre for Limnology
Ursula Gaedke, Professor Dr., Potsdam University, Germany
Uroš Videmšek, biologist
Helle Mäemets, PhD, Estonian University of Life Sciences
Brigita Marko, univ. dipl. geograf
María de los Ángeles González Sagrario, Doctor in Biology, CONICET
Pavel Svoboda, MSc, Charles University in Prague
Külli Kangur, PhD, Estonian University of Life Sciences
Steve Carpenter, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Marco Petitta, Associate Professor, Sapienza University of Rome
Elka Andonovska Mirchevska, MD, P&RM specialist
Cathy Bach, PhD, Eastern Michigan University
Elena Patcev, prof. bio.kem., Geonatura d.o.o.
Slavica Tofilovska, Bachelor of Science in Ecology
Andrew Cohen, Distinguished Professor, University of Arizona
Andreja Slameršek, prof. kemije in biologije, DPRS
Spreitzer Katharina, Mag., University of Vienna
Michael Fritz, Dr., Alfred Wegener Institute
Amara Gunatilaka, PhD, Center for Public Health, Medical Univ. of Vienna
MARTIN Thomas, Chargé de mission zones humides, Asters, CEN 74
Dr. Joel Heinen Professor, Florida International University
Peter C. Schulze, Ph.D., Professor of Biology & Environmental Science Austin College, Sherman, Texas, USA
Denis Plum, BSc MSc, St James’ Catholic High School
Kari-Matti Vuori, Adjunct professor, Finnish Environment Institute
marco seminara, Prof., University of Rome “La Sapienza”
Tom Shatwell, Dr., Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Germany
Patrick Fink, PD Dr., University of Duesseldorf
Marta Bojkovska-Langer
Hartmut Rein, Prof. Dr., University for Sustainable Development, Centre for Sustainable Tourism (ZENAT)
Marijan Gaber, Zveza ribiških družin Maribor
Hubert Blatterer, Mag.Dr.
Kainz Martin, Priv.-Doz. Dr., WasserCluster Lunz
Salvador Morales Gomez, Mag., Institut für Ökologie
Mia Bengtsson, PhD, WasserCluster Lunz
Mina Bizic-Ionescu, Dr., Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Biology and Inland Fisheries
Danny Ionescu, Dr., Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Biology and Inland Fisheries
Mateusz Płóciennik, PhD, University of Lodz
Tarmo Timm, Dr.Biol.Sci., Estonian University of Life Sciences, Centre for Limnology
Mark Gessner, Professor of Aquatic Ecology, Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology & Inland Fisheries
Klement Tockner, Prof. Dr., Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Berlin, Germany
Metka Povž, dr, Zavod Umbra, Ljubljana, Slovenija
Alena Gsell, Dr, IGB-Berlin
Elena Petrovska, MSc. in Tourism
G.D. Haffner, Canada Research Chair, University of Windsor
Klaus Kohlmann, Dr, Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries
Christof Engelhardt, Dr, IGB Forschungsverbund Berlin
Andreas Kleeberg, Dr., State Laboratory Berlin-Brandenburg
Anna Waldstein, Lecturer in Medical Anthropology and Ethnobotany, School of Anthropology and Conservation, University of Kent
Jorma Keskitalo, PhD, University of Helsinki
Joerg Lewandowski, Dr., Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries
Tom Shatwell, Dr., Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Germany
Hagenstein Ingrid, Chief Editor Austrian League for Conservation of Nature
Peter Gerngross Mag., BIOGEOMAPS
Richard C. Brusca, Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ U.S.A.
David L. Strayer, President, Society for Freshwater Science
Lorenzo Chelazzi, Senior Researcher, Italian National Council of Research
Coulter, Dr, formerly in research on the African Great Lakes
Mark Fennelly, BSc, Health Management
Marina Marcella MANCA, Director of CNR-ISE, CNR-ISE, Verbania, Italy
Rosaria Lauceri Dr., CNR-Institute for Ecosystem Study, Italy
Cecilia Faraloni, Researcher, CNR
Giuseppe Torzillo, Senior Researcher, Istituto per lo Studio degli Ecosistemi
Piero Guilizzoni, Associate researcher, CNR-ISE, Verbania Italy
Francesca Bretzel, Dr, CNR ISE Pisa
Diego Fontaneto, National Research Council, Institute of Ecosystem Study, ITALY
Gregor Fussmann, Associate Professor, McGill University, Department of Biology
Anthony Ricciardi, Associate Professor, McGill University
Kalinkat, Gregor, Dr., Eawag – Swiss Federal Institute for Aquatic Science and Technology
Dr. Stefano Ventura, Senior Researcher, CNR – Institute of Ecosystem Study, Firenze, Italy
Wehrli Bernhard Prof., ETH Zurich and Eawag
Doerthe C. Mueller-Navarra, University of Hamburg

Ilga Kokorite, PhD, Institute of Biology
Giuseppe Messana. Dr
David Stern, Professor, Australian National University
Shira Abel, MBA, Hunter & Bard
Rasmussen Kistrup Bruno, Master student in Biology, François Rabelais University of Tours (F)
Teofil Nakov, PhD, Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Biological Science, University of Arkansas
Emma Wiik, Freshwater Ecologist

Francisco Robledano, Dr., University of Murcia
Josefa Velasco, Aquatic Ecologist, University of Murcia
Maria Rosario Vidal-Abarca, Professor, University of Murcia (Spain)
Klaus Reicherter, Prof. Dr., RWTH Aachen Univ., Germany
Alenka Gaberščik. Prof. dr., University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Dept. of Biology
Hans Brix, Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark
Christopher Craft, Professor, Indiana University, USA
Jaime Nivala, Ph.D. , Senior Research Engineer, Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (Helmholtz Umweltforschungszentrum – UFZ), Germany
Thomas Holst Christensen, Forestet, Independent Consultant
Frank van Dien, Constructed Wetland Expert, ECOFYT
Jan Vymazal, Prof., Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Laura A. Meyerson, Professor, University of Rhode Island
David de la Varga Calvo, PhD, UDC
Richard Lansdown, IUCN, SSC Freshwater Plant Specialist Group
Roelf Pot, Roelf Pot research and consultancy
Giuseppe Alfonso, PhD, University of Salento
Stéphanie Gascón, Associate professor , Institute of Aquatic Ecology, university of Girona, Spain
David Bilton, Dr, Plymouth University, UK
Gordon H. Copp, Prof.
Nathan Hall, Environmental Monitoring Officer, MSc, Environment Agency, UK
Albert Ruhi, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Arizona State University
Carlos Abrahams , Baker Consultants and Nottingham Trent University
Ben von Berg, stud.phil., University of Freiburg
Ambroise Baker, researcher in lake biodiveristy and ecosystem services, Univeristy College London
María Sahuquilo, Tecnico Medio Ambiente, Generalitat Valenciana
Zoltán Novák, PhD student, University of Debrecen
Nisrine Machaka, Environmental Expert
Núria Flor Arnau, Dr, University of Barcelona
Hendrik Reuter, Society of Wetland Scientists
Tim van der Schriek, Dr, National Observatory of Athens
Meriç albay, Prof. Dr., Istanbul University Fisheries Faculty
Geert De Knijf, Senior Researcher, Flemish Dragonfly Society
Spyros Gkelis, Dr, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Sebastian Krastel, Prof., Kiel University
Maxwell Brown, Dr
Maria A. Rodrigo, Dr., University of Valencia (Spain)
Rainier Jaarsma, Fulbright Fellow, CSEEES UNC – Chapel Hill
Jose Maria Gomez Garcia, Engineer
Da Gong, PhD student of the Polar Research Center at Jilin University

Bojan Rantaša, MSc, Centre for Sustainable Initiatives
Anela Stavrevska-Panajotova, Forestry Adviser, CNVP
Rob Wolters, MSc, ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation
Tim Faasen, ecologist
Daniel Jablonski, MSc., Department of Zoology, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia
Martin Minařík, Mgr., Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
Michal Benovics, Mgr., UBZ, Masaryk University, Brno
Táňa Danišovičová, Mgr.
Vaclav Gvozdik, Ph.D., Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Czech Academy of Sciences
Petra Mokrá
Boris Demovič. Mgr.
Daniel Grula. PhD., Cemnius University in Bratislava
Zdeněk Mačát, MSc., Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic
Matej Ziak, PhD., Slovak National Museum
Marija Jankovska, environmental engineer
Marcel Uhrin, dr., Institute of Biology and Ecology Faculty of Science P. J. Šafárik University, Košice, Slovakia
Marian Filipek, CHKO, Biele Karpaty
Ivan Stolarik, Mgr., Comenian University
Tomáš Peitl, Mgr, TU Wien
Zuzana Egertová, MDDr.
Nataliia Iakovenko Cand. Sci. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology
Barbora Hertlova Mgr. Palacky´s University in Olomouc, Czech Republic
Attila Tóth Mgr.
Soňa Štefaniková PhD. The State Nature Conservancy of Slovak Republic
Vladimír Ježovič Ing.
Ondrej Makara ING. dôchodca
Vendula Kurdíková Mgr. Palacky University Olomouc, CZ, Department of Ecology and Environmental
Jan Kornan Ing. Alcedo
Andrej Kovarik Mag. State Nature Conservancy of Slovakia
Zuzana Ferechová
Jano Topercer Dipl. Ing., PhD Comenius University in Bratislava, Botanical Garden in Blatnica
Milan Barlog Milan Barlog
Tim Wetzel
Daniel Koleska Czech University of Life Sciences
Julie Nieset Wetland Plant Ecologist
Jan Gugh PhD. SOS/BirdLife Slovakia
Eva Majekova Mgr.
Miloš Struhár
Katarina Briestenska
Adam Bednařík M.Sc. Palacký University Olomouc
Thijs Fijen PhD candidate Wageningen University
Adam Reid Ma Arabic Earth Trust
Edwin Weber Dr. iFZ, Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany
Matti Salminen PhD Natural Resources Institute Finland
Ajrulla Zhuta Master of Science Chemistry Mediteq AB
Athanasios Stathakis Archaiologist
Ksenija Putilin Macedonian Ecological Society
Kevin Wood Dr Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
Seppo Hellsten Dr. Finnish environment institute
Mark Fennelly BSc(Hons) Health
Svetoslav Stanchev Biodiversity and protected area expert

Jacqueline Rücker, Dr. (Scientist, Biologist, Plant physiologist), BTU Cottbus – Senftenberg, Germany
Philip Dracodaidis, Dr.Cultural Management Consultant
Brian Zimmerman, Aquarium Curator, Zoological Society of London
Klaus Riede, Dr. rer. nat. habil., Global Register of Migratory Species
Jessica Bots, Dr., University of Antwerp
Emiel Brouwer, Dr, Research Centre B-WARE
Alvaro Cabezas, PhD, IGB
Diederik Rousseau, Professor Environmental Sciences, Ghent University Campus Kortrijk
Franziska Tanneberger, Dr., Greifswald Mire Centre, Germany
Natasha Poposka – de Bats, MSc International Development
L.J. de Kool, KMD de Kool Marina Development
Anna Tlucakova, hydrogeologist, Water Research Institite, Slovakia
Danko Ilik, Dr, INRIA, France
Blaire Van Valkenburgh, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Dean, University of California, Los Angeles


Ljupco Arsovski, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Republic of Macedonia to Romania
Prof. Gordana Popsimonova – Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food, University Ss Cyril and Methodius – Skopje
Dr. Nevena Milenkovic
Dr. Svetlana Karbevska
Tatjana Ivanovska-Nakic, Doctor of medicine
Samoil Malcheski, Ph.D.
Prof. Katerina Kolozova – ISSHS
Milena Ilievska – Arsova, M D, Ph.D.
Elizabeta Nestoroska Dimic, Ph.D. – Faculty of Economics
Лета Барџиева Миовска, Institute for Security, Defense and Peacekeeping, Skopje
Bisera Stankova, senior lecturer
Zaklina Popsimonova
Igor Stevkovski, el. engineer
Slavica Petrovski, Archeology
Ema Kushevska
Blagoja Velkovski, Educational Assisstant
Aleksej Demjanski, Student and activist
Melanija Gjorgievska
Igor Vojnovski
Gordana Bosilkova
Ljuben Saraginovski
Jeton Starova
Zorica Simovska
Mite Cilkovski
marija licenoska
Julijana Ivanovska
Cvetanka Acevska
Cveta Peruseska-Joncevska
Jasmina Martinovska
Biljana Trimcgevska
Borce Jankuloski
Larisa Mitic
snez dimitrovska
Jelena Kostikj
Marigula Dimova
Stefan J
liljana petkovska
Kristina Todoroska Petreska
Marijana Pipileva
Lidija Sokolova
Mimoza Vujosevic
Anita Palceska
Stanislava-Stasha Tofoska
Lilika Strezoska
Александар Момировски
IVANA angelovik
Natasa Kolekevska Georgievska
Zoran Bejkovski
C belevi
Maja Panova
Vladimir Sazdovski
Natasa Mitrovska
Zora Naskova
Radmila Sofrevska
dajana tanevska, SIT Sidney
Julija Naskova, Research Student – Hong Kong polytechnic
Daniel Scarry
Valentina Klivanovska, Interior Design Consultant
Elena Naskova
Dragi Spasovski
Daniela bavcandzi
Aleksandra Markovska
Valentin Hristovski, Marketing Manager- Jazz Inn
Valentin Dinevski
Jasmina Bosevska, Filolog- NGO Dijalog Skopje Macedonia
Elizabeta Hristovska
Хермина Трпоска-Самарџиска
Anita Trpenoska
Marija Skumanova
Qendresa Sulejmani
Ivan Cekic, MBA
Irina Ivanovska
Sash kKukvski
Julija Trimcevska
Tyrlik Solène
Barbara Efremova
Assoc. Prof. Anastas Mishev, PhD – Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Катерина Вељановска
Lidija Todorovska Soptrajanova
Mirjana Jankulovska, PhD – Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food, Skopje
Sonja Dimoska
Lidija Grunevska, Medical doctor / Gynecology and Obstetrics- Remedika hospital
Emili Sapundzija
Anita Boshkova Dokovska
Prof. Nebojsa Vilic, UKIM in Skopje
Irina Tosheva, MA
Marija Georgievska
Dr. Kica Kolbe
Vasko Magleshov, Master of arts and culture in European integration studies
Sanja Veljanoska, Graphic Designer
Suzana Petrovska
Maja Cvetanoska
Andrijana Pavlovska
Verica Stefnovska
Ljubinka Brashnarska
Marija lencevska, architect
Vujadin Kozomora
Maja Cvetanoska
Vasia Popovska
Tijana Mojsovska
Kalia Popovska
Dance Gudeva Nikovska, Associate Professor- Faculty of Medicine
Sofija Basmadzieva Zezelj, EDC
Јелена Брајовиќ
Marija Mocan Tudjarska
Andrijana Obleshevska
Боре Пуцоски
Marija Stefanova
Hulija Hilmi, Sociologist / Artist Representative – Studio 1A
Aleksandra Mitevska
Jasmina Cokrevska-Filip, art historian
Hristinka Matoska, BSc.El.Eng.
Дејан Атанасов
Iva Kolozova
Natasha Dokovska, journalists for human rights
Biljana Cvetanoska
Biljana Radinoska
Nikola Buleski
Sofija Carcanidis
Aleksandra Vasilevska
Џејлан Рустемоска
Marija Stojanovska
Ana Docevska
Iva B
Viola Damjanovski
Ivana Georgievska
Darko Arsovski
Maja Todoroska
Teuta Gjuladin Hellon, Doc.dr. – State University of Tetovo
Darko Taleski
Невенка Манчева, м-р инж. арх.
Методиј Патчев
Lyda Mimi Brown, University of Chicago
Vanja Ichkova, Dentistry
Bojana Maksimovska, Fashion editor – Elena Luka
Emi Kay
Anita Vasilevska
Tanja Paneva, MA
Бојан Иванoвиќ
Marija Slavkovikj, PhD – University of Bergen
Наташа Бошковска
Marjan Kalevski – ЕДЕН/EDEN
Dr. Kate Bischof
Mishko Tutkovski, MA
Hirofumi Ishihara, PhD
Miroslava Nikoloska, PhD
Natasha Avramovska, PhD, Phil. – Institut of Macedonian Literature – Skopje, UKIM
Татјана Манева
Marijana Markovik
Lidija Ristovska
Elena Janeva
Simona Gruevska Madjoska
Emilija Crvenkovska
Katerina Petrushevska
Vaska Stamenkovska
Сергеј Цветковски, Assoc. Prof., PhD – Institute of security, defense and peace- Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje
Mirjana D
Dr. Tatjana Golaboska
Nola Koedam
Билјана Дијанисиева
Christiane Papadimitriou
Marija Dachevska
Darin Angelovski
Dafina Castro
Vele Georgiev
Aleksandra Stajkovska
Irena Jovanovska
Slavco Stojanoski
Vlado Eftimov
Zoran Velkovski, Phd – Faculty of Philosophy
Valentina Paskalova
Eli Vasilevska Ilievska
Bogoeva Katerina, journalist
Tina Kocova
Dr. Aleksandar Vasilevski
Emilija Putilin
Nadica Vesova
Ice Teodosievski, Artist – Atelier 21- Art Cell
Ana Todorova
suzana karapanceva
Иво Петковски
Paolo Gatti
Светлана Камџијаш, PhD Philosophy
Ljupcho Stojkovski
Natasha Alabakovska Apchevska, MA
Sinolicka Trpkova
Bisera Ilovska
Gorana Mitrovic
Valentina Poceska, PhD , Senior conservator-restorer
Petre Arsovski
Zana Arsovska
Nikola Nikolovski
Marijana Mukaetova
Katica Kosteska
Daniela Jovanovska
Desiree Figueroa, Psychologyst
Marina Vasileva, Teacher
Pavlina Simonoska Arsic
Nadica Firfova
Natasa Nikolovska Stankovic
Natasha Nikodinoska
Olgica Gjorgjevska
Nadezda Apostolova, University Proffesor – Universitat Jaume I, Spain
Jasmina Zisovska
Marina Mateska
Magdalena Velevska
Anka Nikolovska
Lie Pablo Grala Pinto, MSc – UFSC – Brazil
Maja Stevanovikj, Ass. profesor – FDA, UKIM – Skopje
Marko Nikolovski
Jasmina Golaboska
Бранка Ѓорговска
Robert Mihajlovski, PhD, MA – La Trobe University
Tanasije Gjorgoski
Blagica Angelkovik
Марија Паунова
Katerina Vasileska, M.A. Human Rights and Democracy
Borozanov Vladimir, Prof emeritus
Nina Tunteva
Biljana Novakovska
Mirjana Rop Kostovska
Elena Mitrevska
Ljupka Blazevska, Galenika pretstavnistvo
spomenka todorovska joksic
Aleksandra Ristoska
Jovana Mojsoska, Animal World Struga
Andrej Bandovski, Mountaineering ecological society Zakamen Struga
Дарко Наумоски
Angela Jolakoska
Aleksandar Velichkovski
Michelle Osmanli
Todor Anovski, Prof. dr. – Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University Ss Cyril and Methodius – Skopje
Biljana Cvetanoski
Anica Dimovska
Sasho Hristovski
Ivana Stankovska
Vanja Dimitrievski
Ognen Spiroski, MSc
Biljana Bujaroska
Elena Talevska, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje
Julijana Nastoska, Nvo Opcija Ohrid
Nikolina Mitreska
Ana Chorbeska-Tanevska
Filipina Negrievska
Nikola Gosev
Анета Црвенковска
Магдалена Андева
Daniele Honda Gerage
Ivana Leveska
Professor Petar Popovski- Aalborg University, Denmark
Marina Stojanovska, UKIM Skopje
Dizi Are
Olegna Aicrag
Natassha Angeloska Galevska, Univetsity professor – University Ss. Cyril and Methodius Skopje
Vladislav Galevski, mechanical engineer – VGG Engineering
Aleksandra Cvetkoska, PhD – Utrecht University
Renata Radak Kukavica
Mihajlo Filipovic, Underwater Photographer
Tatyana Peeva
Viktorija Trajkovska- Isijaovski, dr. po stomatologija
Milena Vanchoska
Ana Madevska Bogdanova, PhD in Computer Science – FINKI – UKIM
Natasha Kalamadevska
Aleksandar Stamatov, PhD – Taipei Discussion and Learning Philosophy Club
Julijana Arsovska
Стефанија Надја Ристовска
Emilija Paunkoska, Teacher of English- P.S. Bratstvo Edinstvo
Jasmina Pluncevic Gligoroska, Ph.D – Medical faculty
Simone Immler
Благој Капсаров, Sociologist
Juliana Teodosievska Losier, Doctor of Medicine – Family Medicine ,Clinical Faculty , University of British Columbia , Canada
Sky Losier, Student ,University of Victoria ,B.C. Environmentalist and Green Party of Canada political activist
Lina Losier, Student and Ohrid admirer , Gulf Islands Secondary School
Iskra Savovska
Tania Ivanova
Marija Mihova, Phd – Associate proffesor- UKIM
Marija Hristovska Stevkovska
Nevena Neskoska
Mayr Magdalena, Mag. – University of Vienna
Bálint Wagner, Licentiate Degree – Lund University
Марија Давчева
Olivier Malrait
Bruno Viberti
Manfred Schön
Ana Tratnik
Jana Meloska Petrova
Aleksandar Petrov
Vasilka Meloska
Ilina Arsova, MA Business language and international trade – TAKT Ngo
Goce Drtkovski
Goce Arsov
Bojana Markovska Klepec
Krste Najdenkoski, University professor – UKIM
Elena Hadzieva, PhD – University “St. Paul the Apostle” – Ohrid
Vesna Borozan, Professor – University “Sts. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje
Biljana ILIEVA
Pisevski Tomo, Arch.
Snezana Muratovska
Trajka Dimovska-Anchevska
Marjana Shushlevska
Dimitar Mircev, D-r, Professor Emeritus in Political Sciences – University “Sts. Ciril and Methodius” , Skopje
Julijana Dimzova
Biljana Janeva, PhD
Rasim Salkoski, MSc – UIST, Ohrid
Daniel Stefanovski
Ljubinka Gjergjeska
Daniela Koteska Lozanoska
Mahdi Khosravy, Professor – uist
Dr. Sunil Kr. Jha, Prof. – University of Information Science and Technology (UIST), Ohrid, Macedonia
Slobodan Mircevski, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies
Brian Canever – Center for Sport, Peace, and Society
Maria Santiago
Kevin Schuster
Jennifer Price, PhD
Lidija Petkovska – Ss. Cyril & Methodius University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies
Carlo Ciulla, Assistant Professor – University of Information Science and Technology
Elena Naumova – University of Information Science and Technology St. Paul the Apostle, Ohrid
Zoran Ivanovski, Associate Professor – Ss Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje
Milan Panovski
Милчо Пановски, Професор по хирургија – Медицински Факултет во Скопје
Zoran Popovski, Prof. d-r. – Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Gordana Bšić P – Srednja medicinska škola Subotica
Маја Граматикова
Emilija Fildishevska
Eustrat Zhupa, Asst. Prof. – University of Information Science and Technology
Tanja Velkova
Aleksandar Temkov
Violeta Ajdinska Papazovska
Sara Moon
Kati Kunsar
Irina Panovska-Stavridis, MD,PhD – University Clinic of Hematology-Skopje
Marc Losier, Forestry
Магдалена Петкова
mikel vuksanaj – green garden hostel
Zdravka Pejova, Master degree in Information Sciences
Chris Rawlings
Jane Mishevski
Kristijan Nastovski
Ljupka Georgievska, dip.ekonomist
Томислав Наумовски
Svetlana Petrovska
Chandra K, Student – National Law School India University
Igor Bojadzievski

Mutz Michael, apl. Prof., Brandenburg University of Technology
Rob Jordan
Bojana Bozhinovska, Master Student, EMTM – European Master in Tourism Management
Мишко Ѓоршески, MSc in International Business, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
Снежана Пановска, Професор пиано
Dragan Mirchevski
Galina Dimitrova, MD PhD, City General Hospital
Jon Aleksijovski
Yuri Ivanov
Aneta Maksimoska
Victoria Nestor, BSc. Enginnering- Materials, Cyril and Methodius University
Nicol Jocic, Student, Mill Hill – London
Sonja Ugrinovska, dip.pravnik
Roza Hurst
Georgi Nedelkovski, Dipl. Istoricar na Umetnost, Filozofski fakultet vo Skopje
Verica Nedeska
Mijalčo Božinovski, Dipl Mechanical ing, PD TRANSVERYALEC
Biljana Kiroska Masters student, unibo
Ivo Trajkov
Anastasija Jakimovska
Libuse Martinkova, Th.D.
Kristina Nedvědová, BcA
Lenka Rabski
Diana Litera
Karolína Krupková
José Estrada
Dane Burge
Katharina Sterba, lawyer
Philipp Schneider, Engineer
Nada KORACHIN, DU Vizmarje Brod
Philipp Schneider, Engineer
Luke Foster
Rebeka Šiling, PhD candidate
Črtomir Gorenec
Biljana Bajevska
Katharina Sterba, lawyer
Susan K. Yoder Instructor, Keystone Technical Institute
Верица Недеска

Heather Haig, PhD Candidate
Liisa Häkli
Boje Nielsen, Teacher
Anton Brix Torø
Jesper Juul, Master in Law
Carla Olmo, PhD Student
Craig Brereton
Bisera Ilovska
Elisabeth Lambert, senior lecturer
Jovan Maleski
Barbara Bouvry
Vanessa Villanueva
Brian Normanly, BA
Carmen Martiínez
josé herrero muñoz, licenciado en bellas artes
J Raul Herance, Researcher
Misho Ristovski, archaeologist

Ana Blas    PhD    Universitat de Valencia
Antonin Van Exem    PhD student    University of Rouen
Esteban, Lázaro
Sasho Dojchinoski    IT student
Vukica Andjelkovic
Elena Gjorgjievska
Jana Angelovska
Marija Dimovska
Vukica Andjelkovic
Mence Petreska
Saso Dzuljo Petrovski     Jok    Fuzzbubble
Kapka Kassabova    Writer
Erik Janes
Sarah White
Peter Auber    Mr.
Alexa     Actress/Poet     Demiegod
Mathias Torpet    Msc Pharm
Catherine Duigan
Blagoja Evkoski
Lawless Kerry        McGill University
Eamon Caton
Nic flaminio        University of Toronto
Brittany Robinson
Anne Craig
Oliver Stearn
Brucoli Katjana
Marissa Klenske
Christine Williams
Katarina Bitove    BA Hons.
joanna gower
Steve Trpeski    Mr
Thijs Krugers    Bsc
Veronique Lasterovac PopLazov    Psychological Science (Hon) / LLB
Angela Kochoska    PhD Student
Joseph Francis O’Brien
Jane Josifovski        Macedonia Experience
Benedikt Dingler
Mary Liddell         University of Dundee
Fay Ylias
Vesa Qarkaxhija    Student    University of Portsmouth
Ted Lawson    Dr.
Vanja Dimitrievski    Student
Kameliya Atanasova
Elcin Arabaci    Ph.D candidate     Georgetown University
Dr. Cathy Liu    Professor    Temple University
Dan Ayling
Laura Stavarova    ❤
Celia Buchan
Geoff Phillips    Professor (Hon)    University of Stirling
Ray West
Aleksader Kowalski
Hristina Bojadzieva
Kati Sihvonen
H. Dominic Stiles    Librarian
Nickolaos A. Paschalis
Miron Lambrou
Dimitrios Georgiou    Professor
William Sherman
Antonios Bartsiokas    Associate Professor    Democritus University of Thrace
Philip Dracodaidis    Dr.    Free lance international cultural expert
Sanderson        Lee
Alan Clarke
Myron Sampsakis-Bakopoulos    Engineering Undergraduate Student    NTUA
George Speis
Efstratios Kasmeridis    BSc.
Nicholas Kantzos    Mr    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Dimitra Lantzouraki    Chemist    University of Athens
Foteini Palaiologou
Ioanna Lantzouraki
Bruno Sappadina
Alessio Pattyn
Jason Gritter
Manolis Malamas
Dimitris Tsitakis
Vasiliki Alexopoulou
Dr. Panagiotis Yfantidis    Orthopaedic Surgeon
Evisa Tsolakou    MSc Communication Engineering-Networking Technology
Arietta Papaconstantinou    Associate Professor of Ancient History    University of Reading
Michelle Reece
Miesha Reece
Nikoletta Filippou    Veterinarian
Aglaia Pavlerou
Gemma Moorhead
lesley Marriott    M.A Education
Monika Boshkova
Jean Ettridge
Gordana Angelichin-Zhura
Nikolina Sandanova
Jasna Petrovska
Danijela Sagic    Choreographer
Marija Pandeva
Sanja Cvetkovikj
Bojana Pantoska
Jasna Kiprovska
Antonio Rossi    Engineer
Rebecca Mutton
Giorgos Zacharis    High Energy Physics PhD candidate    NTU Athens
Greg Stachowski    PhD    Pedagogical University of Cracow
Zannis Antonis
Sofia Chaliasou
George Kafetzis    Historian
Freek Johannes Geeris    Independent researcher    The Mars Academy
Rainer Poltz    PhD
William Stoichevski    Senior Writer    World Energy Reports
Zoltan Kantas
Nikola Tsekin
Donna Wood
Julia Henderson
Alexis Gerome    Strategist
Jenny McCarthy
Elizabeth Backhouse
Kristin Skarsholt
Pfeiffer Laurina
Justine Taylor
Annie Womack
Petrula Kostovska    PhD,     Art historian, UK
Panagiotis Koumarianos
Hochman Petra    Dipl.Betriebswirt
Johanna Buchmann
Jacqueline Rücker    Dr.     BTU Cottbus – Senftenberg, Germany
Tomislav Andreev
Philip Dracodaidis    Dr.    Cultural Management Consultant
Erwan Fouéré
Brian Zimmerman    Aquarium Curator    Zoological Society of London
Theresa Duda
Vikica Evtimova    MSc
Lubomir Kazasov
Zoltan Kantas

Donna Wood
Julia Henderson
Alexis Gerome
Jenny McCarthy
Elizabeth Backhouse
Kristin Skarsholt
Pfeiffer Laurina
Justine Taylor
Annie Womack
Petrula Kostovska
Panagiotis Koumarianos
Hochman Petra
Johanna Buchmann
Tomislav Andreev
Erwan Fouéré
Theresa Duda
Vikica Evtimova
Lubomir Kazasov
Роберт Спасески
Romain Welter
Colette Fogola
Milos Leclère
Guédas Jean-philippe
Sonja Abadzieva
Alanna Rebelo
Dácil Unzué Belmonte
Jan-Willem Wolters
Branka Kostovska
Nico Goldscheider
Stefan Simonoski
Ellen Witvoet
Prof. Dr. Robert Sazdov
Vladimir Jakimov
Tomas Rybansky
Costas Mylonas



  1. The “inappropriate and harmful” and may I add illegal urbanisation of the lakeshore and the city of Ohrid has been happening for decades, for the benefit of private interests. Ohrid is Macedonia’s finest cultural treasure and tourism destination, so the pressure of development will continue – however any development plan must prioritize the preservation of the delicate qualities that placed Ohrid on Unesco’s world heritage sites.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Save Ohrid !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tripun Karapetrov April 29, 2015 — 2:25 pm

    Idejata e plemenita – ja podr\uvamtripun.karapetrov

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Violeta Milevska May 2, 2015 — 6:27 am

    Davam potpolna poddrshka. Da ne dozvolime da ne go prepoznavame Ohrid vo idninata….kako shto e sluchajot so glavniot grad na RM!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Garth Frankland May 2, 2015 — 4:07 pm

    Ohrid is one of the most beautiful sites in Europe. It has to be preserved.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Klement Tockner May 10, 2015 — 8:18 pm

    Lake Ohrid is a biodiversity hot spot of global importance for nature and humans alike. International initiatives and agreements such as IPBES, Natura 2000 and the Water Framework Directive, among others, are only effective if we set clear priorities for conservation and sustainable management. Lake Ohrid is an ecosystem that deserves the highest priority in maintaining the unique fauna and flora of our freshwaters. If we are not able to maintain high-priority systems such as Lake Ohrid, international agreements to stop biodiversity loss would lose their credibility.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Melania Cristescu May 27, 2015 — 9:53 am

    Lake Ohrid is an invaluable biological heritage and we have the responsibility to protect its ecological integrity.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Lake Ohrid is a critical component of the natural capital of planet earth. It must be preserved.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Ohrid Lake is a treasure that must be valued and respected. It is the soul of Macedonia and needs to be nurtured not sold. Its natural beauty and biodiversity are gifts to its keepers and they have been entrusted with the job of ensuring that Ohrid Lake remains the wonder that it is.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I visited Lake Ohrid 10 years ago and was struck by its great beauty and serenity. The proposal to drain the lake’s marshland and build luxury apartments and a marina is so shortsighted and will devastate this biologically important ecosystem forever. Please do not allow these plans to go ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Antonio Garcia Suarez February 19, 2016 — 11:56 am

    Insanity and VMRO-DPMNE!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Lake Ohrid is a unique aquatic ecosystem closely related to a unique karst hydrogeological system. As the chairman of the Commission on Karst Hydrogeology of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH), I express my deep concern that the planned infrastructure projects may damage this valuable karst hydro-geo-ecosystem.


  13. The entire OhridSOS team would like to thank you for this comment and your support prof.Goldscheider. It means a lot coming from a person with your background. We will save this lake!


  14. The quality of water has to be purified with the level of drinking water, the spicies in the lake has to be protected, all the fuel engine boats and jahtas should be prohibited nowto revitalize and create natural conditions for natural reproduction of all species including eel, to ban the use of these water resources for any direct and indirect production of electricity. strictly punishable even the slightest pollution of the water and the environment, strict control of the destruction of the fish stock, to immediately fix the collector system and to build a sufficient number of weast water treatment plants


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