Deep Tourism

The best way to visit any location is immersion, growing deep into your destination and letting it grow deep into you, finding authentic experiences that will be shared and remembered on both sides forever.

And, like anything that will be part of you for the rest of your life, you want your holiday memories to be positive and meaningful. You don’t want anything to destroy them or, even worse, to be part of the destructive process yourself.

In the Ohrid region right now, things could go either way. Tourism has the potential to create a future of great beauty, but also huge capacity to destroy. We know which you’d prefer to remember and be remembered for.

Luckily, from the windswept peaks of Galichica Mountain through crooked old town streets to the multicolored pebbles beneath UNESCO Lake Ohrid‘s waves, there are thousands of ways to inspire beautiful memories for visitors, locals and nature alike.

This is just some of them…

10 Reasons To Winter at Lake Ohrid

Winter in Ohrid is the kind of beauty that can break you. In a good way.

Ohrid & Social Media

Hashtags are powerful. Let’s make them work for Macedonian nature.

The Ohrid Monument Trail

Wherever you stand in Ohrid, you will see a monument. You can even be part of making one!

Which Kind of Ohrid Masterpiece Are You?

QUIZ: Perhaps you’re a haven for bears but you never realized. It’s time to take the Lake Ohrid personality test!


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