UNESCO Lake Ohrid

Visitors adore Lake Ohrid for the beauty and romance of her waters; locals for the livelihood she has provided over thousands of years; artists for the many-colored sunsets she reflects; scientists for the wisdom encoded in her ecosystems; historians for the shards of empires strewn upon her shores; and adventurers for the eager wilderness of her mountain backdrop. This is a dedication to the wonders of her watery world.

📷: Ljupco Lepi

Ancient Lake

You might have heard that Lake Ohrid is the oldest inland water in Europe. Its real significance goes way beyond that.

Earthquakes of the Deep Past

Human records say that Ohrid City was destroyed in 6AD. Does Lake Ohrid agree?

Lake Memories

Your time at Ohrid won’t just be unforgettable for you. The lake will remember it too. For thousands and thousands of years!

Lake Ohrid’s Many Names

Aquatic Galapagos. Museum of Living Fossils. Theater of Evolution. Beautiful names, but what do they mean?


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