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DEC: Our most meaningful pictures from 2018. [More]

Sonja 19

DEC: The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has been a repeated menace to Macedonia’s protected areas, so Ohrid SOS has submitted 15 guidelines to improve its performance. Here is the breakdown… [More]

Moratorium 7

AUG 2018: Hooligan hotels and bully buildings busted into a performance of Swan Lake in the UNESCO City of Ohrid last month, causing a dancer from Bolshoi Theater to exit stage in a body bag. [More]

august 2018JUL 2018:  Protesters demand a moratorium on construction for Lake Ohrid before its World Heritage natural values die… [More]

Kliment Arnaudov_Lake OhridЈУНИ 2018: Денес и утре (22 – 23 јуни), непосредно пред почетокот на 43. Конференција на Комитетот за свестко наследство на УНЕСКО во Бахраин се одржува 5. Форум на World Heritage Watch (WHW). Повеќе

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JUNE 2018: The 2018 World Heritage Watch Forum in Bahrain will be met with an Ohrid SOS report and resolution! [More]

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APR 2018: The Society of Wetland Scientists, a global expert organization, is hosting its annual European conference on the shores of Lake Ohrid. There are many reasons why this is fantastic news. Here are just five of them. [More]


MAR 2018: Ohrid SOS is celebrating a double victory after the Macedonian government passed a decision to dissolve changes to the management plan for the 5000-species Ohrid-Prespa mountain, National Park Galichica. This combines with last month’s official announcement that the A3 express road previously threatening to cut the park in two has also been cancelled. More…


Фев 2018: Светскиот ден на блатните екосистеми Охрид ЅОЅ го одбележува со предлог-проект за заштита и туристичка валоризација на Студенчишко Блато. Овој проектот кој беше доставен до Општина Охрид е последна од низата активности на Иницијативата во изминатите три години во голем дел посветени на обезбедување трајна заштита на последниот блатен систем на македонското крајбрежје на Охридското Езеро. Повеќе

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JAN 2018: February 1st is the official deadline for Macedonia to provide a progress report on implementation of UNESCO recommendations aimed at safeguarding the World Heritage of the Ohrid region. Ohrid SOS is awaiting it anxiously. More…

Kliment A. 67

JAN 2018: Try rocketing to the moon on a 2km/h spaceship; boiling water at 50 degrees; winning Olympic gold with a 30 cm jump; or replacing all your clothes with new ones just a quarter of your current size. Try protecting Studenchishte Marsh and Lake Ohrid with less than 63.97 hectares of wetland. More…


DEC 2017: With populations of unique fish species dwindling into nothingness, Macedonia’s Ohrid trout had no choice but to invade Macedonia’s capital city. More…


Окт. 2017: Охрид ЅОЅ денес се обраќа до сите кандидати за градоначалник со „Платформа за зелен и современ Охрид“. Во оваа Платформа се содржат барања чиешто исполнување ќе значи напредок за Охрид, задржување на младите во него и, секако, зачувување на едно од главните нешта што Охрид го прават туристички центар – неговата прекрасна и единствена природа. Повеќе

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Ljupco Lepi 7 CopySEPT 2017: Water levels are dropping towards the danger zone at Lake Ohrid. Not for the first time, everybody is looking at power company ELEM. Will they do the responsible thing this time? More

Macedonian Nature Protection RequestSEPT 2017: Thirteen organizations, including Ohrid SOS, have issued a series of nature-related requests to the new Macedonian government. Here’s a visual guide to 16 demands that affect Ohrid-Prespa. More

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Сеп. 2017: Со оглед на хронично алармантно висока загаденост на воздухот во Република Македонија, бараме ИТНИ подобрувања на квалитетот на воздухот и на почвата, чие влијание е недвојбено врзано за квалитетот на воздухот. Повеќе

Cirque D'Ohrid

SEPT 2017: September 1st is the symbolic end of the summer, but that just leaves three more beautiful Ohrid seasons to look forward to. Together with a group of professional street performers, Ohrid SOS hosted a party to draw attention to the possibilities of sustainable tourism all year round in Macedonia. More

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Lagadin ProtestAUG 2017: The half-completed TUI Netherlands-linked hotel currently chewing up and spitting out the Lagadin shoreline is officially illegal. Again. More

intecolSEPT 2016: Macedonia’s threatened superhabitat Studenchishte Marsh continues to attract international attention, this time at the INTECOL-WWG conference in China! More


MAY 2016: From wave damage to noise pollution, marinas can have unexpected consequences for important habitats like ancient Lake Ohrid. Dr. Martin Pusch, an expert in freshwater ecology at the Leibniz Institute, explains more.

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