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AUG 2019: Local authorities in Macedonia have announced a temporary halt to construction in the Ohrid region as requested by UNESCO. Is everything as it seems? (More)

JUNE 2019: After another mass poisoning of stray animals, Ohrid SOS is demanding action from authorities. (More) ЈУНИ 2019: После последниот налет убиства на животни во Охридскиот регион, Охрид ЅОЅ заедно со Активистите за заштита на животни на ниво на цела Македонија упати протестна нота до релевантните индтитуции. (Повеќе)

MAY 2019: The World Heritage Centre has suggested World Heritage In Danger listing for Ohrid. (More)

MAR 2019: Reeds repeatedly burn on Lake Ohrid’s shore. Only a fool would think it an accident. (More)


DEC 2018: Our most meaningful pictures from 2018. [More]

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DEC 2018: The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has been a repeated menace to Macedonia’s protected areas, so Ohrid SOS has submitted 15 guidelines to improve its performance. Here is the breakdown… [More]

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AUG 2018: Hooligan hotels and bully buildings busted into a performance of Swan Lake in the UNESCO City of Ohrid last month, causing a dancer from Bolshoi Theater to exit stage in a body bag. [More]

august 2018

JUL 2018:  Protesters demand a moratorium on construction for Lake Ohrid before its World Heritage natural values die… [More]

Kliment Arnaudov_Lake Ohrid

ЈУНИ 2018: Денес и утре (22 – 23 јуни), непосредно пред почетокот на 43. Конференција на Комитетот за свестко наследство на УНЕСКО во Бахраин се одржува 5. Форум на World Heritage Watch (WHW). Повеќе

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