Mount Galichica Docs

For any researcher, visitor or casual reader interested in the sublime habitats of National Park Galichica, this is the mother lode!

Krpac et al.jpg

Considering that the plant diversity of Mount Galichica reaches continental levels of significance, perhaps it is not surprising that it is also a Prime Butterfly Area harboring an outstanding variety of butterfly kinds. Krpac et al provide an overview of its stunning winged world for Nota Lepidopterologica.

Sadori et al.jpg

The SCOPSCO drilling research that has sampled Lake Ohrid sediments is revealing a lot more than just information about the water. It’s helping scientists to understand how the Ohrid region has looked over the past hundreds of thousands of years. One thing we’ve learned is that the lake vicinity has been a refugium during glacial periods, keeping trees alive when conditions were too cold elsewhere. Sadori et al explain for Biogeosciences.

Mueller 2016.jpg

As if the 5,000+ different kinds of plants and animals in National Park Galichica were not enough already, its mountain habitats are still a frontier for undescribed species. One of the latest is an osmiine bee, found in 2016 and described by Andreas Mueller here for Zootaxa. Like other flora and fauna before, it has taken the Galichica name in honor of its place of discovery.

Matevski et al.jpg

Containing beautifully detailed maps and fascinating tables, Forest Vegetation of the Galichica Mountain Range in Macedonia targets a broad readership and provides a complete overview of the massif’s 37 forest communities from lake level to the tree-line with details of soils and ecology, not to mention dominant, diagnostic and constant species. This expert document was written with love. It shows.


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