To the New Macedonian Government

Request 14Paper protected areas are paper thin, so lines on maps should correlate to real-world action. At the moment, Macedonia’s greatest treasures can still be stolen or carelessly lost. Not for much longer, we hope.

Request 13.pngA special country with lots of special species and special habitats needs many special places to keep all its specialness safe. Not only do we want to see better management of conservation areas, we’re also asking for 20% of Macedonian territory to be protected now with a goal of 50% in the long term.

Request 15.pngOne good thing is that the new government already knows most of the priority areas for protection. All it needs is officially to announce them. We’re waiting…

Request 16.pngAt its 2016 World Conservation Congress, the IUCN passed Motion 26, which reaffirms existing guidelines for no-go areas such as World Heritage Sites and national parks and requires “governments to prohibit environmentally damaging industrial activities and infrastructure development in all IUCN categories of protected area.” Rightfully, UNESCO Lake Ohrid and National Park Galichica should be beneficiaries of this motion, including related IUCN policy on biodiversity offsets.

That would be an end to the worst dangers facing them…

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