Vision Studenchishte: Version 2

3 MAY 2018: Experts from the Society of Wetland Scientists have agreed to read and provide suggestions to the Ohrid SOS Vision for the Protection, Revitalization and Tourism Integration of Studenchishte Marshan essential step forward in the quest to maximize the natural values and ecosystem services of the wetland for the future.

At present, the proposal offers preliminary suggestions for how to rehabilitate Studenchishte’s habitats and then leverage its nature power as a tourist attraction, complete with visitor center and wetland walkway, which will double as an open-air museum revealing the historical journey of nature and water in the UNESCO Ohrid region from pre-history through the various eras and empires that have risen and fallen here to the present day. It also offers numerous suggestions for how to finance the project.

However, taking the vision to the next level requires both greater detail and an expert eye. Given that the Society of Wetland Scientists is a global organization whose members have intimate knowledge and experience with many wetlands that have transitioned to protected areas and tourism attractions, we can expect some innovative suggestions and advanced practical guidance. We can also create solutions that work for people while placing nature at their core.

So,  expect Version 2 of Vision Studenchishte to become available over the next couple of months. Until then, you can still enjoy the visual concept here.


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