INTECOL-WWG Debut for Studenchishte Marsh

intecolUpon the invitation of the organizers, Ohrid SOS presented the case of Studenchishte Marsh at the INTECOL-WWG congress in China. The International Association for Ecology (INTECOL) was established in 1967 and the WWG (Wetlands Working Group) was formed in 1978 as one of its specialist working groups. The INTECOL-WWG congress takes place every 4 years and this year its 10th edition was held in Changshu, China (19-24sept 2016) with the participation of 1200 attendees from 45 countries.

intecol-2Studenchishte Marsh as an Integral Part of Ancient Lake Ohrid: Current Status and Need for Protection was presented by Prof. Jos Verhoeven, President of the European Chapter of the Society of Wetlands Scientists and Co-chair of INTECOL-WWG. It follows a journal paper of the same title co-authored by members of Ohrid SOS and highlights the challenges for wetland conservation in development areas.

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