If you’ve made it this far you may well be amazed to learn that this is actually an edited list. Yet more proposed developments include a now-cancelled plan for a large conference center, a sports airfield, a landfill site in the Ohrid watershed, and a large urban reformation of Ohrid city that would transform it into a mini Hong Kong. We could go on…

You may also have the depressing feeling that, with so many plans, all hope is lost. Please don’t take that message away. Things are changing in the Republic of Macedonia and the movement against the plunder of its natural resources is growing. So far, activists have already prevented the desecration of Mavrovo National Park; watched ordinary people reject a gold mine in Gevgejlia; forced developers to back away from Studenchishte Marsh; seen the abandonment of a conference center proposal near Ohrid city; and mid-way halted construction of a lakeshore hotel at Lagadin. Meanwhile, opposition to the express road and ski-resort stretches from individual citizens right the way to recommendations from UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee. And these positives are just from the last couple of years.

The opportunity to save Lake Ohrid shines as brightly now as ever. There is zero reason to give up.

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