To the New MK Government

Thirteen organizations, including Ohrid SOS, issued a series of nature-related requests to the new Macedonian government in September 2017. Here’s a visual guide to 16 demands that affect Ohrid-Prespa.

Requests 1The 2017 UNESCO Reactive Monitoring Mission has called for a moratorium on urban and coastal transformation in the Ohrid region. We’re backing that 100%.

Request 2Anybody who follows Lake Ohrid closely will know the problems with waste disposal. However, plans for a new landfill in the lake’s watershed are not heading to a happy ending.

Request 3The previous Macedonian government notoriously amended National Park Galichica’s management plan to include ecologically braindead projects like a World Heritage-vandalizing ski-resort, lakeshore urbanization, and a habitat-breaking express road, provoking international condemnation. Is the new government any different?

Requests 4Marina proposals to the east of Ohrid town will destroy yet more of the shallows and shoreline for Lake Ohrid’s wonderful water world, while adding a new source of disturbance for fish. We say it’s another plan for the trash-can.

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