To the New MK Government

Request 5On the subject of fish, reviving their Lake Ohrid populations requires multiple solutions from restoration of habitats to pollution control, but ending the over-exploitation of fisheries is a vital starting point.

Request 6An indisputable Wetland of International Importance, Lake Ohrid deserves immediate designation under the Ramsar Convention. Any boundary must include Studenchishte Marsh, both an integral support system to the lake and a haven for biodiversity in its own right.

Request 7Sustainable development is the only way to secure the permanent increases in living standards that citizens in the Republic of Macedonia need and deserve. Anything else is the shortcut to nowhere.

Request 8Macedonia hosts one of the richest flora and faunas in all Europe. That’s an advantage it can hold long into the future with a robust biodiversity strategy. And we mean an implemented one this time.

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