Wetland Future Vision

STEP 3: Naturewalk


According to the Ohrid SOS project-vision, a sensitively designed boardwalk routed by ecologists will guide locals and visitors into the heart of the ancient lake wetland. On your right will be the sometime perch of the kingfisher; on your left the five-toed footprints of an otter. Species boards will inform you of the birds and animals that have been seen so far this week. Hides will enter you within the parallel worlds of other species, while eye-pointers will channel your sight to carnivorous plants and mysterious flowers from the deep, deep past.

You will stand immersed in the sights and sounds of a niche habitat at one of Europe’s last two hotspots of aquatic diversity, with trained professionals available to share with you the inner secrets of nature exploration–the call of the marsh harrier, the tracks of a Lake Ohrid turtle, the nesting place of the little bittern.

And yet still there is more: an Open-Sky Museum!

STEP 4: Open-Sky Museum


More than just a nature trail, the boardwalk will also be an outdoor museum beneath the warm Macedonian sun. Written into the wood you walk upon and told via visitor boards, eye-pointers, QR codes, trained guides, and downloadable podcasts, the Studenchishte Open-Sky Boardwalk Museum will reveal three entwining histories from a unique Ohrid perspective: people, nature and landscape.

Understand the relationship between wetlands and human development from nomadic to agricultural to urban societies. Witness how the site of pre-Christian water-worship morphed into an early Christian basilica on Lake Ohrid’s shores. Explore how the waters beneath your feet have journeyed through the insides of karstic Mount Galichica to be with you here now.  Hear how  Balkan micro-habitats secure Europe’s nature and evolve new species over millions of years from within one of its most specialist nature-nurturing locations…

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