Wetland Future Vision

STEP 5: Ohrid Explorer


Yet the Studenchishte Open-Sky Boardwalk Museum will be just one attraction within an integrated, whole-lake sustainable tourism experience involving both Macedonia and Albania.

Beautifully crafted Lake Ohrid passports will allow visitors to collect unique stamps at various locations all around the UNESCO Ohrid-Prespa Biosphere Reserve, creating personal souvenirs to remind themselves of their holiday forever and also to share with others.

Stamp collection points will be carefully selected to reduce human impact on sensitive locations yet to reveal simultaneously the World Heritage wonders of the Lake Ohrid Theater of Evolution and the Galichica mountain wilderness. They will be synchronized with local businesses too.

The passport will permit discounted travel on public transport and collection of a certain number of stamps will unlock further special offers at restaurants, shops or attractions. Stamps will also be grouped by page so that visitors can tailor their Lake Ohrid experience to their own personal tastes. One page, for example, may be for religious heritage, another for ancient empires; one for geological features, another for Macedonian habitats; and even one for local food!

STEP 6: Initiation Finance


Set-up costs for the Studenchishte Open-Sky Boardwalk Museum, passport concept and exhaustive Strategic Environmental Assessments required to ensure that these plans are implemented to enhance rather than destroy the Ohrid region’s unique flora and fauna would be covered by a mixture of the budget of the Republic of Macedonia and international funds, including sources such as Ramsar. By developing tourism within the auspices of finances aimed at nature protection, the input and expertise to guide the boardwalk and museum to a successful socio-ecological outcome would be more easily accessible. Crowd-funding may be an option for specific, small-scale revitalization efforts too.

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